Saturday, 8 August 2015


Struck a chord today when I realised this is it. THIS is it.

I suppose it started yesterday with the office email, detailing my whereabouts for the immediate future. A series of acronyms to indicate that I think you should know, but I don't want you to have the impression that I'm going to spend a second longer than I have to by telling you. Silently everywhere, email settings apply the rule which deposits my missive into the recycle bin, unopened and forever ignored. There's probably an applicable acronym to explain what's just happened but you're not important enough to know it. Neither am I.

Struck another chord today when I realised this is it. THIS is it.

I suppose it continued starting yesterday when I started to clear my desk and drawers: a shatterproof ruler adhering to its name yet not its purpose; some important documents of little importance which are now awaiting shredding. Just in case. Not much else to show for five years of sitting at five or so desks in two or so offices.

Struck a chord. THIS is it.

Mum volunteering to look after littl'un, a two hour walk to give us time to pack but really to enjoy the little time they have left in the same country. The goodbye hug which leaves eyes red, the realisation that this time's forever will be just that. The planning two trips this side of Christmas. I love that.

Struck many chords today when I realised this is it. THIS is it.

The endless packing which doesn't touch the sides. The reliance on the "well we've paid for packing so we'll just take it over and chuck it then" phrase. Used over and over. The nightly deliveries because the oven is blocked by a clothes dryer and a rocking horse. And a tent.
The self-reassurance that wine is a mixture of grapes and water and definitely contributes to the eight glasses a day quota.

Struck a chord tomorrow when I realise this will be it. THIS is it.

Tomorrow's our goodbyes. Seven hours in the pub: two with family, five with added friends. An eclectic mix of people which will just work. Tomorrow will be fun and emotional and will pass too quickly. Tomorrow will be full of invitations and promises.

I realise this is it. THIS is it.

Couldn't have wished for anything more.