Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Barrister Banka Johnson - Episode 1: Chapter 2: Oh, how I miss you Barrister Banka Johnson

from:      Lord Steven Rawbone confidentially.rawbone@gmail.com
to:          bjohnson00@hotmail.fr, johnsonbanka00@gmail.com
date:      18 December 2012 23:26
subject:  Re: Mr.P.Rawbone and family

Dear Barrister Banka Johnson,

I am concerned. I appreciate that you are in all likelihood fully engulfed in legal and possibly bovine wranglings with the Bank and at the same time I am quite sure you are involved in the preparations for the funeral or funerals of my close relative or relatives who has or have passed away.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Barrister Banka Johnson - Episode 1: Chapter 1: No News = Good News?

It would seem that my good friend and soon-to-be Grandfather-in-law to my Granddaughter, Nora, is busy preparing necessary legal information which in legal terms are supposed to be known by him and this will he relate to me to support the claim of the inheritance from the Bank. He clearly hasn't had a chance to write to me with an update on progress but I bare no grudge for he is clearly acting in both his and my interest to ensure that everything is executed expediously and does not have time for chit-chat nor Nora's wedding plans.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Barrister Banka Johnson and the Arctic Monkeys - Episode 1

from:      Lord Steven Rawbone confidentially.rawbone@gmail.com
to:         bjohnson00@hotmail.fr, johnsonbanka00@gmail.com
date:      6 December 2012 11:19
subject:  Mr.P.Rawbone and family

Barrister Banka Johnson, Sire.

How very pleased I am to have received your kind message via the medium of Facebook. Ordinarily, my mind is very suspicious of unsolicited communications and there are even times when I have barely given them a passing thought, before deleting without even taking the courtesy to reply. However, on this occasion I am confident that your communication is both heart-warming and heartfelt. And with nothing but the kindest of intentions. And, perhaps dare I say it, love.