Monday, 10 December 2012

Barrister Banka Johnson - Episode 1: Chapter 1: No News = Good News?

It would seem that my good friend and soon-to-be Grandfather-in-law to my Granddaughter, Nora, is busy preparing necessary legal information which in legal terms are supposed to be known by him and this will he relate to me to support the claim of the inheritance from the Bank. He clearly hasn't had a chance to write to me with an update on progress but I bare no grudge for he is clearly acting in both his and my interest to ensure that everything is executed expediously and does not have time for chit-chat nor Nora's wedding plans.

For now, I will not hassle him unnecessarily for he is an important and busy man. I note that Gmail suggests that I perform some research in the meantime by contacting the good people at who will surely be new friends and allies of mine when I inherit my rightful fortune from Mr.P.Rawbone. No credit checks? These people clearly went to the same school of thought as Barrister Banka Johnson where a firm handshake and a raised eyebrow were worth far more than tedious and laborious paperwork.

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