Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tim Minchin. A Man. A men. Amen.

Now that we are in the Year of our Lord 2012 and that January should be an altruistic time following the excesses and selfishness of all but one day of December, I thought that I would do my best to help this young chap by spreading His word.

I made reference to His work in a comment on this blog entry but for fear of not all of you seeing it, I thought I would write a whole fresh new post.

This Minchin chap does not reveal how many Disciples he has but I would doubt that he has attained the dizzy heights at which I find myself. I therefore encourage all three of my Followers to drink from the Minchin cup and bathe in his words.



  1. I

    (and you too Mr Stuff.Nonsense)

  2. Ban all of the j Ross show!10 January 2012 at 14:38

    He's funny. He recently toured with an orchestra down under. I've read interviews with him and apparently lived in the next street to him for a year without realising!


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