Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hello, Ireland

"Hi, how are ya?"

You'll soon learn to respond with a similar greeting but whatever you do don't answer the question; if you do, you'll quickly get used to the spot-the-tourist smirk and you'll never be able to quite escape the feeling that 10% has just been added to your bill or the suspicion that a carrier bag can't really cost 70 cents. But you can't question it and you were the one who answered the question that is never answered.

You'll soon learn to handle the "how are yas" and bat away the tricky "how's it goings" like a native but tonight I've encountered a "how are ya getting on?" for the first time and I almost revealed myself to be the blow-in that I am. The question wasn't even aimed at me but at some bloke striding past the reception desk.

"How're ya gettin' on?"

The questioned man didn't even break stride while expertly responding with a non-response and continuing on his way, leaving dust and admiration in his wake.

I can only hope to one day aspire to learn the language and in the meantime I'll continue with my embarrassing "very well, thank yous and how are yous", safe in the suspicion that I'll be paying through the nose for some time yet. 

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