Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Last Night

Last night was brass monkeys.
Last night was spent at Wembley, watching a friendly game.
Last night I remembered why I hadn't gone to a friendly game for 12 years.
Last night I vowed not to go to another friendly game for 12 years.
Last night I was going to go for a post-match curry.
Last night I couldn't find an open curry house.
Last night WeeMan was all excited when he found an establishment
called Indian Ocean ('I was so happy to have found an open curry
house, I was even prepared to eat curried sea food if that was all
they did').
Last night WeeMan kicked a public bin.
Last night WeeMan discovered that the Indian Ocean sells furniture.
Last night we laughed at WeeMan.
Last night I received an urgent text from a damsel in distress.
Last night I abandoned The Curry House hunt.
Last night I took two buses to rescue the damsel.
Last night the damsel had left before I got there.
Last night I took an additional three buses to get home.
Last night I found the damsel at home. Less distressed.
Last night I invented a new cupboard-fridge-combo snack.
Last night I felt sick.
Last night I discovered the antidote to the cupboard-fridge combo snack.
Last night I found a box of mince pies.
Last night I felt a bit like Christmas.
Last night I eschewed a hot water bottle.
Last night was brass monkeys.

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