Thursday, 29 May 2014

Holiday Thaime

Ah la danse de vacances, my uncoordinated friend, how wonderful it is to see you. I take it you've brought with you the siblings of stress: Panic Packing, Awaiting Taxi and the very evil, Taxi Awaiting?

Will the sun come out with a necessary pint as we knowingly contemplate the unknown answer to the equation of B+12h where h is a unit of time spent in a metal tube and B is five-month old baby?

Will a military coup represent a welcome oxymoronic peace as we stumble from confined conditioned air to a tropical thunder?

Will we be eaten alive by a multitude of mosquitoes, mojitos and midges? Or will we be retrospectively rueful as we return with half of Boots' stock unopened, unused and thankfully unnecessary?

Will I be able for a daily Pad Thai or will I be disappointed to learn that this is an Anglo dish to satiate unadventurous appetites? Is this another Glaswegian Balti or Hawaiian ham, no pineapple?

By all accounts, such worries are unfounded and we are in for a trip of a lifetime. I cannot wait for everything so foreign; from the language to the food to the torrential rain to the humidity to the heat, the next couple of weeks are full of promise and mystery, two things which need to feature more prominently.

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