Thursday, 8 December 2011


Oof. Exciting times in the world of blogging.

As you'll have seen, I have been slowly getting to grips with this whole malarchy. My mum's fingers are getting ever more tired as she sews an increasing number of achievement badges to my uniform and the arms are nearly full.

Thus far I have earned my:
- Start your own blog badge
- work out what you want to write badge (this may have been awarded
precipitously but I'll get there in the end)
- write a blog with some photos in it badge
- 100 page views in a day badge
- 500 page views in a month badge
- readers in more than 10 countries badge (Russia, Germany and now
Brazil seem to be avid readers - hallo, bom dia and gooddayski to you
- Stephen Fry as a follower badge

And now, with a great fanfare, I have been awarded my first You've
Been Sensored Badge!

One avid reader contacted me to ask me to change a previous blog due to offence inadvertently caused and this is a momentous occasion indeed. The offending item has now been removed and harmony returns to blogworld.

I hope I don't offend anyone else as is this is not my intention. Should I ever cause offence, let me know and we can hug it out.

Now I will return to listening to my badge-inspired, early nineties
industrial music.

You won't take me / you won't break me and you'll never make me / step in line, step march in time. / Well you can violate my body but my soul is still mine. / You must think that I'm fucking stupid, man, / if you think I'm gonna hang with the program, some fool schedule. / I don't give a shit about what is or isn't cool.
/ I make the rules, / I stand alone / and if they try a tap I leave 'em hangin' on the telephone. / One of these days I'm gonna get sectioned...

...or live off the massive royalties and get less angry in my stately home.

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